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H2 Math Tuition, is it needed? In Odyssey Math, in addition to focusing on students’ mathematical concepts and the difficulties they faced understanding mathematics, Mr Tan will always try his best to motivate his students and at the same time identify weaknesses and gaps in his students’ mathematical understanding. The key to teaching is not only to just go through mathematics during the 2 hours class but also to be genuine in helping students during and even after lessons. Mr Tan seeks to work with his students and provide them the necessary support as much as possible. For H2 Math, the key to doing well is to apply the right concepts and do enough practice questions to hone their math foundation.

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H2 Math Tuition

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Why Odyssey Math?

Results Oriented

Why send your child in the first place if it doesn’t solve his or her problem? We assure that if our students follow our guidance , do the assignments given and at the same time ask questions we can assure that they will improve their grades in H2 Mathematics. We are always there for the students when they need it and this is exactly what they need to improve their results. Mr Tan seeks to instill confidence in students, give them encouragement and motivation and at the same time be very genuine towards the development of the students both academically and holistically. Students who put in the hard work, follow his guidance and make use of his resources will be able to improve in mathematics.

Experienced and Qualified Math Tutor

With 11 years of coaching mathematics and having a passion for mathematics, Mr Tan has graduated with a math degree with distinction from NUS and continues to impart knowledge to his students. Throughout his time studying and coaching mathematics, he has gain a strong understanding of the subject. As such, Mr Tan is able to teach H2 Math in a simplified manner and generous in providing tips and tricks to tackle the subject. This will allow students to better understand the subject and give them an edge over the rest.

Sec 2 Math Tuition

Affordable H2 Math Tuition with maximum value

You can be assured that students will benefit from our H2 Math Tuition at an affordable rate. Our aim is to help the students but at the same time provide the maximum values to students and reducing the cost burden to many parents. 

24/7 Support

We stay committed to answering students’ queries even after lesson hours. Mr Tan believes that when it comes to education services, learning does not end after lesson hours.

Small Class Sizes

In Odyssey Math, we aim to provide equal attention to all of us students. As such, we keep the class size small (6 to 8 students).

Sec 2 Math Tuition

Testimonials of our teaching

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Our H2 Math Tuition Structure

Our H2 Math Tuition structure is broken down into 4 phases below. Students will gain conceptual understanding of topics, thereafter practice in class and will be assigned homework to be reviewed in subsequent lessons. Topical tests will be given to test their aptitude in the topics learnt after which we will review with them and resolve misconceptions and weaknesses in concepts.

Introduction of Topics

Practice and Homework

Topical Test


H2 Math Topics Covered

  • Concepts of function, domain and range
  • Usage of notations 
  • Inverse functions
  • Composite functions
  • Conditions for the existence of inverse and composite functions
  • Domain restriction to obtain an inverse function
  • Relationship between a function and its inverse
  • Use of a graphing calculator to graph a given function
  • Important characteristics of graphs such as symmetry, intersections with the axes, turning points and asymptotes
  • Determining equations of asymptotes, axes of symmetry, and restrictions on the possible values of x and/or y
  • Effect of transformations on the graph of y=f(x) and combinations of various transformations
  • Parametric equations and their graphs
  • Formulating an equation, a system of linear equations or inequalities based on a problem
  • Using graphing calculator to solve an equation
  • Using a graphing calculator to solve a system of linear equations
  • Solving inequalities where the numerator and denominator are either linear or quadratic expressions that are either factorisable or always positive
  • Concept of absolute value of x and use of relations
  • Using graphical methods to solve inequalities
  • Understanding sequence and series for finite and infinite cases
  • Sequence as function
  • Using the summation notation
  • Sum and difference of two series
  • Summation of series by the method of differences
  • Convergence of a series and the sum to infinity
  • Formula for the nth term and the sum of a finite arithmetic series
  • Formula for the nth term and the sum of a finite geometric series
  • Condition for convergence of an infinite geometric series
  • Formula for the sum to infinity of a convergent geometric series
  • Vectors in three dimensions
  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication of a vector by a scalar and their geometrical interpretations
  • Use of notations in vectors
  • Position, displacement and direction vectors
  • Magnitude of a vector
  • Unit vectors
  • Distance between two points
  • Collinearity
  • Use of the ratio theorem in geometrical applications
  • Scalar product of vectors
  • Vector product of vectors
  • Angle between two vectors
  • Vector and cartesian equations of lines and planes
  •  Finding the foot of the perpendicular and distance from a point to a line or to a plane
  • Finding the angle between two lines, between a line and a plane, or between two planes
  • Relationships between two lines (either coplanar or skew)
  • Relationships between a line and a plane
  • Relationships between two planes
  • Extension of the number system from real numbers to complex numbers
  • Complex roots of quadratic equations
  • Conjugate of a complex number
  • Four operations of complex numbers
  • Equality of complex numbers
  • Conjugate roots of a polynomial equation with real coefficients
  • Representation of complex numbers in the Argand diagram
  • Calculation of modulus and argument of a complex number
  • Multiplication and division of two complex numbers expressed in polar form
  • Graphical integration of various derivative functions
  • Relating the graph of y=f'(x) to the graph of y=f(x)
  • Implicit differentiation
  • Determining the nature of the stationary points
  • Locating maximum and minimum points using a graphing calculator
  • Finding the approximate value of a derivative at a given point using a graphing calculator
  • Finding equations of tangents and normals to curves, including cases where the curve is defined implicitly or parametrically
  • local maxima and minima problems
  • connected rates of change problems
  • Standard series expansion
  • Derivation of first few terms of the Maclaurin series by repeated differentiation, repeated implicit differentiation or using standard series
  • Know the range of values of x for which a standard series converges
  • Understanding the concept of approximation
  • Small angle approximations
  • Integration of new forms of algebraic and trigonometric expressions
  • Integration by a given substitution
  • Integration by parts
  • Understanding definite integral as a limit of sum
  • Definite Integral as the area under a curve
  • Evaluating definite integrals
  • Find the area of a region bounded by a curve and lines parallel to the coordinate axes, between a curve and a line, or between two curves
  • Area below the x-axis
  • Finding the area under a curve defined parametrically
  • Finding the volume of revolution about the x- or y-axis
  • Finding the approximate value of a definite integral using a graphing calculator
  • Solving general solutions and particular solutions of differential equations
  • Formulating differential equation based on a problem situation
  • Interpreting differential equation and its solution based on a problem situation
  • Permutation and combination
  • Arrangements of objects in a line or in a circle, including cases involving repetition and restriction
  • Addition and multiplication of probabilities
  • Mutually exclusive events and independent events
  • Use of tables of outcomes, Venn diagrams, tree diagrams, and permutations and combinations techniques to calculate probabilities
  • Calculation of conditional probabilities in simple cases
  • Concept of discrete random variables, probability distributions, expectations and variances
  • Concept of binomial distribution
  • Usage of mean and variance of binomial distribution without proof
  • Concept of normal distribution
  • Standard normal distribution
  • Symmetry of the normal curve and its properties
  • Solving problems involving E(aX+b), E(aX+bY), Var(aX+b), Var(aX+bY), where X and Y are independent
  • Concepts of population and simple random sample
  • Concept of the sample mean as a random variable
  • Distribution of sample means from a normal population
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Calculation and use of unbiased estimates of the population mean and variance from a sample
  • Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis
  • Critical region, critical value, level of significance and p-value
  • Formulating hypotheses
  • 1-tail and 2-tail tests
  • Interpretation of the results of a hypothesis test in the context of the problem
  • Scatter diagram
  • Correlation coefficient as a measure of fit of a linear model to scatter diagram
  • Finding and interpreting the product moment correlation coefficient, particularly for values close to -1, 0 and 1
  • Concepts of linear regression and method of least squares to find equation of the regression line
  • Interpolation and extrapolation
  • Use of the appropriate regression line to make prediction
  • Use of a square, reciprocal or logarithmic transformation to achieve linearity

What Our Students Have to Say about Odyssey Math Tuition

Mr Tan is very dedicated in teaching A and E Math. I am able to ask questions related to mathematics and will be able to get a reply asap. Notes and questions provided are scaled to the student's personal standards. My understanding of Additional and Elementary Math has made a lot of improvements under his teaching by being able to cope better with this subject.
Mr Tan is a very approachable, friendly and patient tutor. His teachings are easily understandable, clear and helpful. Whenever i face problems or have difficulties, he will be there to guide me and ensure that i fully understand my doubts before continuing. The math questions he provided are unique and helpful in allowing me to understand the concepts better. His math tuition has allowed me to understand mathematics better.
Beyvlen Koh
In Mr Tan's math tuition, he go through his math lessons with a lot of details. I enjoyed the way he explain questions, especially when he use several methods to explain the solutions. He will provide alternative solutions for us to understand the questions better. The questions he provided allow me to have a good grasp of the math concepts. The pace of his explanation allows me to understand better. Thank you Mr Tan!
Yun Tian Yi
Mr Tan is very knowledgeable in mathematics and he is very efficient in teaching his students. Even though i only spent a few sessions with him just before my O level, i have already learnt what i needed to learn based on the syllabus. I get to clarify my doubts and misconceptions in mathematics with him and he is able to answer me quickly. I would highly recommend everyone to try out his math tuition.
Algernon Quek
The math questions provided are well thought-out and it is up to the standard for average students. After practicing the questions, Mr Tan will explain every questions patiently and make sure i understand not just the solutions but also the process of tackling the questions. He is always willing to answer any inquiries. Thank you so much Mr Tan!
Teo Yi Hao
Mr Tan's lessons were very productive and he will always put in the extra effort to teach us after the lesson which he is not oblige to do so. He would stay after the lessons to answer our queries and go through the math questions that we asked. His explanations are clear and simple. At the end of the explanation, he made me felt like the questions were actually quite easy to tackle. Thanks a lot Mr Tan and i appreciate your passion in teaching mathematics!
Beyvlen Koh
Before going for Mr Tan's math tuition, i had a lot of doubts about the sessions. After going for his sessions, it was the best decision ever made. He is a really nice teacher who is patient in teaching. From my point of view, he teaches really well and his explanation is clear and concise. I could feel that our improvement in math grades will be his greatest achievement. He always does his best in teaching and make sure that we understand the concepts better. I would recommend students to join his lessons.
Muhammad Kabir
Mr Tan is a very approachable math tutor. He knows how to teach in a very unique way that helps us students understand the topic better. His sessions are always very engaging which also allows me to understand the topic better. This also allows me to tackle math questions efficiently. I would recommend students to join Mr Tan's math sessions. Mr Tan knows not only how to guide students, he knows how to rationalize our thought process. I am thankful that i came for his classes! Thank you Mr Tan!
Muhammad Harris

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