Students maximizing learning in Math Tuition

5 things students must do to maximize their learning in math tuition

Going to Math Tuition does not necessarily mean that students will be able to rectify their misconceptions in mathematics as well as improve their understanding. As much as we tutors can do our best to provide the best guidance, resources and explanation, students are required to do their part in terms of learning as well. There are 5 things students must do to maximize their learning in math tuition and these are things that I have observed from past students who did well for mathematics.

1) Do your homework at home and clarify questions that you don’t know!

As much as possible, homework assigned to you should be attempted at home rather than during lessons. The reason is that if you have attempted the questions and you are unsure of certain parts of the questions, you are able to quickly make use of your time with your math tutors and allow them to explain to you.
If you decide to attempt the questions during lessons, then most of the time would be spent on you attempting the questions rather than being able to ask your math tutors on things you do not know. 

2) Be proactive in asking questions when your math tutor is going through new topics.

Did it happen to you on certain occasions when you are unable to understand what your math teacher or math tutor is talking about? As much as possible, do not ignore things that you do not understand and don’t be shy to ask questions and clarify what you do not know. Even if you have clarified and yet you still do not understand, do not be disheartened because you have definitely made progress just with the short consultation you had with your math tutor.

3) Identify your own careless mistakes, do not depend on your math tutor.

Careless mistakes are always inevitable not just in mathematics but other subjects as well. I always emphasized to students that if they are able to find their careless mistakes themselves, chances are they would be less likely to make the same careless mistakes in the future. Moreover, finding careless mistakes quickly in your math solution is a skill.
The ability to spot your own careless mistakes quickly when checking your solution is a bonus for you during examination. Students know that careless mistakes in math exams will cause them to lose a lot of marks, especially when careless mistakes are made at the start.
Last but not least, there’s something that I termed as “conceptual carelessness”. It means that the careless mistakes made involves misconception in mathematics. When students spot such careless mistakes on their own, they will definitely learn from it. If your math tutor ever ask you to try to identify your own careless mistakes, try your best to identify it yourself as you will most certainly benefit from it in the long run.

4) Ask for small hints rather than the entire answer from your math tutor.

Asking for the answer to a math question will do more harm than good for students. My advice for students is to be willing to tackle the question using small hints. Embrace the process of struggling through the question. Only through the struggle will you attain mastery on the question. Just a side note, for students attempting questions from assessment books where solutions are available, try to look at the solution partially and attempt the question from there. 

5) Help your classmates! If you are able to explain to someone well, you gain more from it!

Is your classmate asking you for help in mathematics? Be the teacher and help your classmate! If you can explain to your classmate well, you actually learn more from it! The process of teaching someone is also a process of learning. Do not worry if you are unable to help your classmate because the math question is a little difficult for you. Why not attempt the question together with your classmate? Who knows, you might be able to solve it after some time!


Math Tuition provides an environment for students to learn where math tutors are able to guide students and provide them with better resources. Students should make use of the time during classes to clarify misconception in mathematics, be more independent and less reliant on their math tutors when it comes to tackling math questions. This way, they are able to maximize their learning in Math Tuition. Students helping one another is also a way for them to learn from each other as well.

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