2024 Math Tuition Schedule

Mix Class (Personalised):
5 students
Structured Class:
8 students
(F) means Full

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3:30pm to 5:30pm
5:30pm to 7:30pm
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Sec 3 E Math
Sec Math (Mix)
Sec 4 E Math
JC 1 H2 Math
Sec Math (Mix)
Time/Day Saturday
10:30am to 12:30pm
Sec 4 A Math (F)
12:30pm to 2:30pm
Sec Math (Mix)
2:30pm to 4:30pm
Sec 4 A Math
4:30pm to 6:30pm
Sec 3 A Math
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Sec Math (Mix)

Terms and Conditions

By making payment of fees, I, the parent/guardian (the “Parent”) of the student (the “Learner”), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

Schedule for fee payment:

  • 12 lessons fees will be collected in advance for the first paymentThe first 12 lessons fees (1st payment) will not be refundable. For subsequent payment, fees will be refunded with immediate effect upon request of withdrawal. We believe in our curriculum and should parents/students wish to withdraw, we do not hold them back. 
  • Examples of 1st payment includes payments made when existing students continue in the subsequent year and also new students joining Odyssey Math. Existing students taking another math subject under Odyssey Math is considered as new students which will be applicable in this case.
  • Fees will be pro-rated accordingly for the fourth term of the year so that no outstanding balances are owed to the parents/students. As such, if the 1st payment happens on the fourth term of the year, then this pro-rated fees will not be refundable as well.
  • Fees will be collected 2 weeks prior to the next termly payment.
  • To be fair to parents/students, physical make-up lesson(s) (subjected to availability) has to be done within the 12 weeks (As of 2024, this is applicable for Secondary Math only)As we have released an entire year worth of recordings for students, the alternative to physical make-up lesson(s) is to watch the online recordings via our e-learning portal. 
  • Material fees : $60 per year. The material fees of $60 is covered for the entire year for the level and subject that the student signed up for. Material fees are not refundable.

Classroom Requirements:

  • It is mandatory for students to bring a headset/earpiece as well as a functional handphone with enough data (WIFI will be provided). We understand that some parents limit their child’s phone screen time. For our classroom requirements, please provide enough screen time so that students are able to view the online recordings in class when needed.
  •  It is important to note that students MUST watch the online recordings for any lessons missed to keep pace with our lessons as we tend to move ahead of school syllabus. As mentioned earlier, we do have make-up lesson(s) that can be done within the 12 weeks. We would like to emphasize that students can either watch the online recordings at home and come for make-up lesson(s) to ask the tutor questions OR if students are busy they can watch the online recordings during the make-up lesson(s) itself and ask the tutor questions in class at the same time. Alternatively, students can choose not to attend the make-up lesson(s) (fees will still be charged) and watch the online recordings at home. For your info, it would not be possible for the tutor to physically re-teach a chapter to students who missed their lesson(s) as the make-up lesson(s) is done in a mix (students from different levels) group setting. As such, we dedicate our resources to create the e-learning so that students can learn themselves in class and ask the tutor if they have any questions.

Make-up Classes:

  • Here in Odyssey Math, the terms and conditions for Make-up Classes below are fair to parents and also provide the necessary support for students from Odyssey Math (free math online videos, make-up lesson(s) subjected to availability etc) for lesson(s) missed.
  • If students were to miss lesson(s), students can only attend make-up lesson(s) within the 12 weeks. Make-up lesson(s) are subjected to availability. Alternatively, students can use the e-learning portal for make-up lesson(s). All lessons missed must be made up for, except for lessons cancelled by Odyssey Math. As such, in the event of a withdrawal, the missed lessons are not refundable.
  • For public holidays like Chinese New Year, there wouldn’t be any lessons/make-up lessons. No fees will be charged.
  • There will be lessons in the event that lessons fall on public holidays (excluding Chinese New Year)
  • If students missed their lessons, math resources are readily available to ensure that your child’s progress is not affected. With our e-learning portal as well as soft copies uploaded on google drive, students can keep up with our lesson plan.
  • In the event that the tutor is unable to conduct the lesson due to unforeseen circumstances, the tutor will either arrange make-up lesson at another time or another tutor will assist to conduct the lesson. If make-up lesson cannot be arranged due to conflict in schedule, fees for that week of lesson will be waived.
  • Fees can be paid by PayNow.
  • Odyssey Math reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. As much as possible, we will notify students and parents when changes has been made.
  • For students with long term MC/hospitalization, make-up classes can be done via our online e-learning portal as well as using our digital notes. 
  • For JC classes, there are no make-up lesson(s). Students can use the online portal for make-up lesson(s).
Academic Year and Class Schedule:
  •  For Secondary and JC students, lessons will stop after the last week of November and resume in the first week of January in the subsequent year
  • For students taking national examinations (O/A Level), lessons will stop after their examination.
Request of booklet(s) for other subjects and levels:
  • $30/booklet
Loss of booklet(s)
  • $30/booklet for the first time
  • $50/booklet for the second time and onwards
Holiday Plans:
  • December has been designated a break for students and tutor(s). 

Free Trial:

  • If student is attending free trial for newly opened timeslot (he/she is the first student), the free trial will be 1 hour duration. Otherwise the free trial will be 2 hours duration. As it is a free trial, as much as possible the student will be assigned to a class that is ongoing first for the trial and thereafter the student will be assigned to his/her desired time slot if the student continues.
  • Trial class has to be paid for if a student continues. If the student chooses not to continue, the trial class is free.


  • No advance notice is required for withdrawal. We do not believe in locking the students in. We believe that parents and students should decide what’s best for themselves when it comes to education. Refunds will be made for leftover unused lesson fees. Do note that the first termly payment is non-refundable. Refunds are applicable from the second termly payment.
  • Withdrawal from Odyssey Math must be explicitly mentioned to the tutor. Else, weekly lesson fees will still be incurred once the lesson for that week has started.

Online Math Video Access:

  • Enrolment for 1 class = 1 subject for the online math video access. Any request made on the access for other levels/math subjects video access can be discussed with the principal tutor. Similarly, requests on hardcopies of Odyssey Math topical booklets for other levels is chargeable and not covered in the material fees for the intended level.
  • As Math exams test topics that are learnt previously in lower levels (Sec 2 Math exams have questions from Sec 1 topics), Odyssey Math prioritizes students’ needs for their education. As such,please see the access/support given to students below for their math needs at zero cost.
  • Sec 1 students in Odyssey Math will be given access to Sec 1 Math theory videos and Sec 1 Math exams recordings.
  • Sec 2 students in Odyssey Math will be given access to Sec 1 & 2 Math theory videos and Sec 1 and 2 Math exam recordings.
  • Sec 3 A Math students in Odyssey Math will be given access to Sec 3 & 4 A Math theory videos and Sec 3 A Math exam recordings.
  • Sec 3 E Math students in Odyssey Math will be given access to Sec 3 & 4 E Math theory videos and Sec 3 E Math exam recordings.
  • Sec 4 A Math students in Odyssey Math will be given access to Sec 3 & 4 A Math theory videos and Sec 3 and 4 A Math exam recordings.
  • Sec 4 E Math students in Odyssey Math will be given access to Sec 3 & 4 E Math theory videos and Sec 3 and 4 E Math exam recordings.
  • JC 1 H2 Math students in Odyssey Math will be given access to H2 Math theory videos and H2 Math (Pure Math) exam recordings.
  • JC 2 H2 Math students in Odyssey Math will be given access to H2 Math theory videos and H2 Math (Pure Math and Statistics) exam recordings.
  • Access to the online e-learning will be removed upon withdrawal.
  • Parents/Students who purchased the online math video access and afterwards decide to join the tuition will not be reimbursed the costs of the video access.
  • Note that the math crash course recordings are not provided to students for free.

Other Conditions:

  • Odyssey Math may reproduce, display, distribute and use any work, academic transcript, and/or text messages by the Learner/Parent for marketing and/or curriculum purposes. The Parent agrees that photographs/videos of Learners may be used by Odyssey Math for marketing purposes.  
  • Odyssey Math will take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the Learner. However, Odyssey Math assumes no liability for any injury, loss or damage to property which might be sustained by the Learner. The Parent hereby releases Odyssey Math, and its agents from all liability for such injury, loss or damage of any other kind whatsoever which might be sustained by the Learner.
  • The Learner and the Parent are prohibited from copying, modifying, reproducing, or distributing in any form or by any means whatsoever any of Odyssey Math academic material, or instructing anyone else from doing so.
  • All physical lessons will be shifted to online lessons (zoom) if the Centre closes due to an outbreak of contagious diseases or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
  • These Terms and Conditions contain the whole agreement between the Parent, Learner and Odyssey Math and supersedes any prior written or oral agreement amongst them. 
  • These Terms and Conditions are subjected to amendments by Odyssey Math without prior notice.