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Principal Math Tutor - Mr. Justin Tan

 Whether you are a student looking for assistance in Mathematics or a parent who is concerned about your child’s performance in mathematics, I may be able to help you. 

With over 1 decade of experience teaching mathematics, I am able to understand and anticipate what students are thinking. I have a thorough knowledge of the mathematics syllabus in Singapore school as well as a collection of math exam papers for students to practice. As a graduate with Distinction in Applied Mathematics and Economics from National University of Singapore as well as my passion in the subject, I am well equipped with the knowledge to teach mathematics.
Furthermore, for the past few years, I have created my own math e-learning portal for the entire O and A Level Math Syllabus for my own students to watch whenever they need to recap certain math concepts. This includes topical math lessons, step by step articulated detail solutions of math practice and exam questions. Best of all, the video recordings are continuously uploaded.


If you are looking for help in Mathematics, why not get a qualified and experienced math graduate tutor who is passionate in the subject to help you?

 Feel free to explore these pages and find out about Odyssey Math.

Past Achievements:

A1 for both O Level Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics

A for A Level H2 Mathematics

 Bsc Hons (Distinction) Double Major in Applied Mathematics (Primary Major) and Economics, NUS (Graduated June 2018)

University Math Modules Grades : 

MA1101R Linear Algebra 1 : A 

MA1104 Multi Variable Calculus : A 

MA2108 Mathematical Analysis 1 : A 

MA2213 Numerical Analysis 1 : A 

MA2101 Linear Algebra 2 : A 

MA2218 Probability : A 

MA3111 Complex Analysis 1 : A 

MA4260 Stochastic Operation Research : A 

Author of Odyssey Math Videos

2024 Math Tuition Schedule

Mix Class (Personalised):
5 students
Structured Class:
8 students
(F) means Full

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3:30pm to 5:30pm
5:30pm to 7:30pm
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Sec 3 E Math
Sec Math (Mix)
Sec 4 E Math
JC 1 H2 Math
Sec Math (Mix)
Time/Day Saturday
10:30am to 12:30pm
Sec 4 A Math (F)
12:30pm to 2:30pm
Sec Math (Mix)
2:30pm to 4:30pm
Sec 4 A Math
4:30pm to 6:30pm
Sec 3 A Math
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Sec Math (Mix)

Enrolled Students Get

Complimentary Math E-Learning Portal

Complimentary access to thousands of math theory videos and exam practice questions.

Premium Math Booklets

Our notes are created by us and students find it useful. Moreover, our notes are in sync with the math e-learning.

Online Consultation

Have a math question? WhatsApp us and we will get back to you!

Math Tests and Exams

Tests and Exams are conducted in Odyssey Math. Mid Year scrapped? We have Exams here. (Sorry students!)

Small Class Size

We keep our class size small at 6 to 8 students per class.

We understand parents concern of high tuition fees these days. As such, our mission is to reduce this burden and provide the most affordable rates. Here, we provide affordable and high quality math tuition for students. 

Enrolled students are granted complimentary access to our math online resources. With over 2000+ hours in development as well as 1000+ math videos, students get to access videos on topical math lessons, articulated step by step detailed solutions of practice questions as well as exam questions anytime and anywhere via our e-learning portal. This helps a lot particularly for students who did not manage to understand certain concepts in mathematics and are willing to put in the effort to catch up by watching the recordings. We continuously upload new math recordings for students to access.

First chapter of every level is provided as a sample for your viewing on our math e-learning portal. Click the respective level for the Math E-Learning Portal: Sec 1 MathSec 2 MathSec 3 & 4 E MathSec 3 & 4 A MathJC H2 Math

Small Class Size of 6 to 8 students.

1st lesson is a free trial. If the student prefers not to continue, the lesson fee is waived. If the student continues, the fee will be charged for the 1st lesson.

Please scroll all the way to the bottom for Class Schedule.

Reviews From Students and Parents

12:41 13 Jul 24
I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Tan for your understanding and flexibility regarding my child tuition schedule. As a dedicated student-athlete, my child often misses classes due to local and overseas competitions. Your willingness to accommodate her with make-up lessons is greatly appreciated.I am also thrilled to share that my child math skills have significantly improved under your patient and expert guidance. Your dedication has made a remarkable difference in her academic performance, and we are truly grateful for Mr Tan's support.I would also like to highlight Mr Tan's exceptional dedication during the time she returned from an overseas competition with exams looming just a few days later. Mr Tan went the extra mile by extending her lesson hours and thoroughly covering the math topics she was going to be tested on. This made a tremendous difference and we deeply appreciate your commitment to her success.Thank you once again for your dedication and understanding.She improved her E Math from D7 to B3.
Heng Pooh Neo
Heng Pooh Neo
03:51 10 Jul 24
Teacher Justin is a highly motivated and professional A Maths & E Maths tuitor. He is extremely friendly, helpful and will put in extra mile to help his students to do well in their test and exams.Both my boy & girl managed to score distinction for E Maths & A Maths respectively. They used to struggle to pass their Maths early this year.
natalie ong
natalie ong
15:13 21 Jun 24
Mr. Justin Tan's teaching skills are amazing. He explains complex math concepts clearly and in an effective way, making them easy to understand. His well-structured math tuitions and videos are incredibly helpful, providing a convenient way to learn and review math topics.Mr. Justin Tan's Odyssey Math online materials has been a game-changer. He breaks down difficult concepts into understandable pieces, making a significant impact on my learning experience. I'm grateful for his dedication to education and commitment to helping students succeed. Thank you, Mr Justin!
John Bob
John Bob
07:29 23 May 24
Highly recommend teacher Justin Tan as he helped me to improve my maths. Thank you for curating the online videos and materials for us. They are a life saver for me as they are so easy to digest and comprehensive. 👍
14:08 27 Apr 24
highly recommend this tuition center! mr tan’s lessons r rly engaging with a productive study environment. there’s also a website online with pre-recorded videos! my grades improved significantly within a month, frm barely passing to an a1.!!!.!
13:52 27 Apr 24
Mr Tan is a very passionate math teacher and his explanations are very helpful. He is also open to giving additional help and he helped pull my Mathematics grade up from a pass to an A+. Thank you so much Mr Tan!
08:40 27 Apr 24
teacher justin has helped me alot in my amath . i greatly appreciate the effort he puts in recording online tutorial videos to help me understand topics better. he is really patient in teaching when i dont understand questions .thankyou 😁
Adeline Fong
Adeline Fong
14:08 21 Apr 24
Odyssey Math has been an invaluable resource for me as a Secondary 4 student grappling with Additional Mathematics. The online course videos are exceptional, and Mr. Justin Tan’s lucid explanations have been incredibly beneficial to me.The content of the video course is meticulously structured and straightforward to navigate, with Mr. Tan skillfully simplifying intricate concepts into digestible segments. My confidence in my mathematical skills has significantly improved as a result.For those in search of top-tier math tutoring in Singapore for Secondary or Junior College students, Odyssey Math is my top suggestion. Mr. Tan’s enthusiasm for mathematics is apparent in his pedagogy, and it has transformed my mathematical learning journey.
09:15 21 Apr 24
since i joined this tuition centre, my understanding in math has improved alot ! the teacher is patient and understanding and helps to answer all my questions:) i have gone from c5 to a1 since i joined so no regrets !!
Aiden Ter
Aiden Ter
12:00 20 Apr 24
Many useful videos teaching and explaining questions from all topics are provided. Helped me immensely. Went from failing to almost full marks. Helped me to better understand concepts and clear misconceptions.
Thomas Ferriss
Thomas Ferriss
14:00 15 Apr 24
Odyssey Math has been a lifesaver for me, a Sec 4 student who's been struggling with A-Math. The math online course videos are fantastic, and I have benefitted greatly tremendously from Mr Justin Tan's clear explanations and engaging teaching style.The video course content is well-organized and easy to follow, and Mr Tan does an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps. I feel much more confident in my math abilities now.If you're looking for high-quality math tuition in Singapore for your Secondary or JC student, I highly recommend Odyssey Math. Mr Tan's passion for math is evident in his teaching, and he has reshaped my experience with learning math.
uwukiboy zi
uwukiboy zi
07:56 14 Apr 24
I would like to thank Mr Justin tan for his math tuition course. It helped me greatly with my Upper sec topics when i was struggling. Now, I am able to do well in both my Emaths and Amaths with the help of his course. Thank you
Nakshatra A1
Nakshatra A1
06:47 22 Mar 24
Justin Tan (author of videos) from Odyssey Math creates videos with detailed explanation according to topics and also allow students learn using some practice questions at the end of each sub-topics. All of his videos are really useful and beneficial allowing students to get a better vision of the topics. Odyssey Math is one of the best Math Tution which creates videos to give students a convenient way of learning and to catch-up. Thanks.
Destinee Tay Hui Xin (Student)
Destinee Tay Hui Xin (Student)
13:00 14 Mar 24
the videos provided were very informative and well executed, allowing me to easily understand various topics at my own pace. my school went by topics really quickly and i failed to grasp concepts, and the videos were a HUGE help in assisting me with reviewing these concepts and understanding them better! trigo and differentiation (a math) in particular! the explanation in the videos were very clear and helpful in my learning of math, allowing me to achieve a B in o levels for e math as opposed to the low grades i was getting beforehand! thanks odyssey math and keep it up !! 🥹❤️
Carol LC
Carol LC
05:53 14 Mar 24
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Justin Tan for his Math Tuition courses, which have greatly helped me in reinforcing my knowledge since sec 1. Now that I am in sec 3, there are some concepts that I had forgotten, but Mr. Justin Tan has managed to teach them to me clearly and in a way that is easy to understand and apply.Mr Justin Tan's Math Tuition video course is excellent because he explains the concepts clearly and concisely, making it easy to grasp. The online course videos are engaging and hold my attention, motivating me to revise specific topics, especially when our school covers them quickly.I feel more prepared and confident in tackling questions and am no longer lost when it comes to lower sec topics that I may have forgotten. This has helped me build a stronger foundation as I work towards the O levels. Thank you, Mr. Justin, for your Math Tuition course!
Carol Lim
Carol Lim
05:25 14 Mar 24
The Math Tuition online course by Mr Justin Tan are great. Recently, my son Luke who is in lower secondary was doing the videos for Prime numbers and although he was ok in the topic itself, he found the course very helpful to reinforce what he has learnt.The contents taught by Mr Justin Tan were interesting and he did not feel sleepy. For other subject videos, he would feel tired and soon fall asleep. So this is different as I did not feel amy tiredness! Mr Justin Tan makes Math Tuition easy to understand.Another thing he likes about the Math Tuition course is that I find Mr Justin Tan very interesting. He explains it in very key details and he understood everything. He made the topics fun.Overall, the Math Tuition course by Mr Justin Tan is great! He would like to continue watching and learning from the Math Tuition course by Mr Justin Tan! Thank you Mr Justin Tan for making Math Tuition fun and easy to understand and apply. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a math tutor!
Cherylynn Teo
Cherylynn Teo
08:46 04 Mar 24
Mr Justin’s math tuition videos have really helped me understand more about certain math concepts that i may not have fully mastered while learning in school . His videos are clear and concise , and it is even better with the various types quiz questions that he provided at the end of certain videos . I enjoy browsing through the topics and I highly recommend students like me to try out !
Lim Lee Meng
Lim Lee Meng
15:18 19 Jan 24
I am so lucky to find Mr Justin from carousel (did tried a few referred tutors but not suitable). From Justin's ex-student feedback, I decided to engage him. Through our conversations & updates about my girl's progression shows he is not only passionate about teaching but also the well being of his student.My girl hated Math since primary school & always says "I cannot do Math" & "I hate Math". Justin, did magic & turned it into an interesting subject. He teaches out of the box in order for my girl to understand. He is amazing.I remember he told my girl "No question is a stupid question" & "Is ok if the answer is wrong because it shows that you try & didn't leave it blank"He is not just a teacher who just teach & teach. He built trust & friendship with his students.I can't thank him enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU 🎊🎉 My girl improved so much, scored B3 for her O level (before was D7-F9). She told Justin she likes math & will miss attending his lesson. Thank you Mr Justin. Wish you all the best & your dreams come through.
liju liang
liju liang
16:07 12 Jan 24
Thanks to outstanding Odyssey Math tuition, I secured two A1 (E-Math and A-Math) in my Y2023 O-level exam. Mr Tan's dedication and clear explanations were instrumental in my success. I highly recommend Odyssey Math tuition to anyone aiming for outstanding math results.
shahidah sahid
shahidah sahid
07:36 11 Jan 24
Glad that my son attended class at Odyssey. He improved by 2 grades. Mr Justin has made a tremendous effort to ensure my son gets all the guidance he needs. From time to time he will also call to update on my son's progress. Great job & thank you.
03:15 19 Dec 23
Great tutor!Very passionate and patient!He knows how to support students with different capabilities!She got improved from F 9 to A2Thanks so much for your guidance!
Jephthah Kwok
Jephthah Kwok
11:15 24 Nov 23
Mr Justin is a very friendly and approachable secondary math tutor.His lessons are very engaging and understandable. When I first joined, I didn’t understand what was being taught in class and could not keep up with class. After 8 months, I have managed to grasp the concepts and is able to harder questions, in my final term exam I scored an A. Aside from his physical lessons, Justin also records his lessons and uploads it in his website for his students to easily access it when we forget. This allows the class to move together, faster and start revisions earlier
15:16 23 Nov 23
This math tuition made me learn some concepts better and the videos make it really helpful to understand concepts that you are unfamiliar with.
Josh Nair (Stpatricksch)
Josh Nair (Stpatricksch)
06:55 21 Nov 23
Mr Tan is the most inspiring maths teacher I have met. His teaching methods, online platform, and material are top quality. He is humble and works very hard day and night to help all his students excel holistically. He is always there to clear doubts and provide encouragement and motivation to continue our good work, however I think he should catch up on well earned sleep. Mr Tan was the reason I scored 94% for my end of year exams and I know that I will do well for my O levels. He is the best teacher and deserves the world.
Family Foo
Family Foo
06:37 18 Nov 23
Joining this tution was one of the best investments I've made. Originally my marks were on the borderline of passing and no matter how hard I studied or revised it didn't help my grades much and Joining other tution centers didn't really help me to improve either.when I found this tution center I decided to give it a try .At first I was really nervous but under the guidance of Mr Justin and his friendly yet firm demeanor I could slowly see an improvement from a failing grade to an B .Especially when I couldn't understand a question he went above and beyond to find different ways to help me understand making sure I understood the question fully and not just be given the answer at face value.Mr Justin is a teacher who is friendly yet stern and wants the best for his students .I really recommend giving this tution center a try
14:44 17 Nov 23
Enrolling in Odyssey Math tuition center has undeniably been a transformative experience for my academic journey, and I owe much of my success to the exceptional guidance provided by Mr. Justin Tan, a dedicated and friendly teacher who has played a pivotal role in my educational growth.From the outset, what struck me about Odyssey Math was the welcoming atmosphere. The center's ambiance is conducive to learning, with well-equipped classrooms and a resourceful library. However, what truly sets this tuition center apart is the teaching prowess of Mr. Justin Tan. His commitment to fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts is nothing short of remarkable.Mr. Tan's teaching approach is both comprehensive and engaging. He doesn't merely focus on rote learning but delves into the intricacies of each topic, ensuring that students grasp the underlying principles. His lessons are structured yet flexible, adapting to the varied learning styles within the class. This personalized approach has been instrumental in clarifying my doubts and solidifying my understanding of complex mathematical concepts.One standout quality of Mr. Tan is his unwavering dedication to his students. He goes beyond the conventional role of a teacher, taking the time to understand each student's strengths and weaknesses. This individualized attention has been a game-changer for me. I've never felt hesitant to seek clarification or ask questions, knowing that Mr. Tan is approachable and genuinely invested in my academic progress.Furthermore, Mr. Tan's friendly demeanor creates a positive and inclusive learning environment. He encourages open communication, making students feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and uncertainties. This supportive atmosphere has significantly contributed to my increased confidence in tackling mathematical challenges.Odyssey Math's curriculum is comprehensive, covering the syllabus thoroughly while incorporating real-world applications of mathematical concepts. The materials provided are well-organized and supplemented with additional resources that enhance the learning experience. Regular assessments and practice sessions ensure a consistent review of topics, allowing students to reinforce their understanding and identify areas that require extra attention.Personally, I can attest to the substantial improvement in my academic performance from a low f9 to a high a1 since joining Odyssey Math. My grades in mathematics have seen a remarkable ascent, reflecting not only a numerical success but also a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Mr. Tan's guidance has been instrumental in bridging gaps in my understanding and instilling in me a genuine interest in mathematics.In conclusion, Odyssey Math tuition center, under the tutelage of Mr. Justin Tan, has been a beacon of academic support and excellence for me. The personalized approach, engaging teaching methods, and supportive learning environment have collectively contributed to my tremendous improvement in mathematics. I wholeheartedly recommend Odyssey Math to any secondary student seeking not just better grades, but a profound understanding and appreciation for the world of mathematics.🧮🔢➖➕🟰➗✖️🧠🧐💭💬♾️📚📖📑
Sam Jose
Sam Jose
00:36 11 Nov 23
Mr Tan is a passionate teacher and very much ready to answer all queries that was posed by my daughter.She was unsure on some concepts and after engaging Mr Justin @Odyssey , she was very confident and this could be reflected in her recent marks as well.Mr Justin also ensures on the communication with the me on my daughter's improvement regularly.My daughter really enjoys Tan's lesson and his methods. I will really recommend him and Odyssey maths tution to all my friends.Keep up the good work .Regards,Sam
Shermaine Foo
Shermaine Foo
11:27 23 Oct 23
the videos are super good and its better than alot of math tution out there. it allows us to customise the speed so we can speed up or slow down parts that we dont know which is honestly super amazing. the lessons are also very detailed and organised making learning rlly easy. Thanks to this website I learn math more efficiently!!!!!!
Joann Maria
Joann Maria
01:37 22 Oct 23
Mr Tan's lessons at Odyssey are very enjoyable and easy to understand. I remember when I first joined his tuition, I used to not understand most of the A Math concepts that well. However, after joining his tuition, I now gain a better understanding of the A Math concepts. Mr Tan often makes learning fun and he also adds tips and tricks to solve a particular question easier. His lessons are enriching and I often find myself learning something new everyday. Mr Tan is a passionate teacher and he is always ready to answer any queries that we may have. Because of him, I have been able to score high A1s for my A Math examinations, especially for my EOYs.
Amber Tan
Amber Tan
15:08 21 Oct 23
Before joining Odyssey Math tuition, my Amath grades in assessments and common class tests were always below the passing grade and because of this, I had almost no hope for my Amath and was desperate to find the light at the end of the tunnel. To make my situation worse, I found myself unable to catch up with my teacher and my classmates in school, which often made me feel dejected and hopeless. When I joined Odyssey Math tuition, it was a game-changer. The teacher, Mr Justin Tan, has exceeded my expectations. He was patient enough to explain Amath concepts to me in the simplest way possible, no matter how complex the concepts were. For someone like me who struggles with math and is afraid of asking questions in class, it was astounding that someone like him could not only clear my doubts but also make me feel comfortable clarifying them without making me feel foolish. After joining the tuition for more than 4 months, I went from a F9 in my weighted assessment to a C6 in my EOY - a high C6! I was more than delighted to see a 3-grade jump in my Amath and I could not thank Mr Justin Tan enough for helping me regain my confidence in Amath. If you are searching for a Math tutor that is friendly, patient, encourages you to work hard and will constantly believe in you, look no further to Mr Justin Tan! The class size is small (10
14:15 29 Sep 23
Mr Justin’s lessons are immensely helpful in furthering my skills and techniques in both Emath and Amath within a span of a few months. For example, I managed to score an A1 for my prelims for both amath and emath with his help. Previously I had hit a roadblock when I found it rather difficult to find solutions to difficult problems I could not solve. However, with the targeted forms of revision provided, I could formulate better strategies to counter exam questions. Previously, I required a lengthy amount of time to complete a math paper, sometimes barely finishing the paper within the duration provided. Not to mention, there were many careless mistakes. Now, through repeated practices as well as clarity in explanations, I am able to finish papers within a much shorter duration. The number of careless mistakes has also been reduced significantly.
nayli irdina
nayli irdina
03:04 29 Sep 23
Mr Justin is a genuine and extremely helpful tutor in H2 Math Tuition who has an utmost passion in teaching Mathematics. While I only have been taught under him for a few months, his expertise made it easy for me to catch on and understand difficult concepts as they were broken down into bite sized pieces. His videos are extremely informative and succinct, and he also works very hard to tailor the lesson according to the student’s needs. He also makes it easy to voice out any questions that I may have. I am appreciative of his hard work thus far in teaching me Math 🙂
Muhd Nur Irfan
Muhd Nur Irfan
08:46 06 Sep 23
Mr Justin is a thoughtful teacher who goes extra mile to lend a helping hand to students who are in doubt . He always encourage students and myself every time we feel overwhelmed or stressed. He would explain the questions and answers step by step with detailed explanations so that the students and myself can understand it better . Mr Justin also uploads videos on the lessons for the students to look through back when in doubt and also on his website for better understanding of the topic . Mr justin is also a teacher who keeps the class engaged and enthusiastic about learning . It was certainly great to be part of his class
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Quality Math Tuition In Singapore

Discover the Quality Math Tuition Centre in Singapore for Your Child’s Academic Success!

Are you struggling with Math? Do you want to improve your grades and gain a better understanding of the subject? Welcome to Odyssey Math Tuition Center located conveniently in Eunos. We make a difference to your grades by inspiring your love for mathematics through making math fun (yes – maths can be fun!)

Singapore is known for its high standard of education and its rigorous academic programmes. Math is a core subject that is emphasized in the Singaporean education system, and it is important for students to have a strong foundation in this subject. Odyssey Math Tuition provide students with the opportunity to receive additional academic support and guidance outside of the classroom.

If you are looking for a Math tuition centre in Singapore, you have come to the right place. Odyssey Math Tuition provides you with a list of the quality Math tuition in Singapore that can help you achieve your academic goals. We offer a range of programmes and services that cater to students of all ages and abilities. Whether you are struggling with basic Math concepts or preparing for a national exam, we are a Math tuition centre in Singapore that can help you succeed.

Choosing the Right Math Tuition Centre

Math tuition centres can provide valuable support for students who are struggling with maths or who want to excel in their studies. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your child. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating different math tuition centres.

Evaluating Teaching Styles and Tutors’ Qualifications

Different tutors use different teaching styles, and it’s important to find one that works well for your child. Some tutors may focus more on rote learning, while others may use more interactive and engaging methods. Additionally, you should consider the tutors’ qualifications and experience. Look for tutors who have a strong background in maths and who have experience teaching students at your child’s level. Read more about Mr. Justin Tan’s approach to teaching math below.

Understanding the Impact of Class Size and Personalised Attention

Class size can have a significant impact on the quality of instruction your child receives. In general, smaller class sizes allow for more personalised attention and greater opportunities for individualised instruction. However, smaller classes may also be more expensive. Consider your budget and your child’s learning needs when evaluating class size options. Odyssey Math Tuition offers small class size that provides you with a conducive and personalised learning experience.

Comparing Fees and Trial Lesson Options

Fees can vary widely between different math tuition centres, and it’s important to compare costs before making a decision. Additionally, many tuition centres offer trial lesson options, which can help you get a better sense of the teaching style and quality of instruction offered by a particular centre. Take advantage of trial lessons to help you make an informed decision. Odyssey Math Tuition offers you trial lesson for you to evaluate our teaching approach in Math before committing.

In summary, when choosing a math tuition centre, it’s important to consider factors such as teaching style, qualifications, class size, fees, trial lessons, personalised attention, and teaching experience. By carefully evaluating different options and comparing costs and benefits, you can find a math tuition centre that meets your child’s needs and helps them achieve their academic goals.

Curriculum and Syllabus Alignment

If you are looking for the quality math tuition centre in Singapore, it is important to consider whether the centre adheres to the MOE syllabus and exam formats. This is because the MOE syllabus and exam formats are the standard for math education in Singapore, and ensuring that the tuition centre covers all the necessary topics and exam formats can greatly benefit your child’s education.

Adherence to MOE Syllabus and Exam Formats

Good math tuition centres in Singapore are helmed by passionate Math tutors who take an interest in your child’s academic success. Mr. Justin Tan believes in building a good rapport with your child and more importantly to make math fun and interesting! When your child takes an interest in Math – learning math becomes fun!

It is also important to consider whether the tuition centre covers the necessary topics and exam formats for your child’s academic level. For example, if your child is preparing for the PSLE, the tuition centre should cover topics such as fractions, decimals, and percentages, which are commonly tested in the PSLE math paper. Similarly, if your child is preparing for the O-levels, the tuition centre should cover topics such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Specialised Programmes for Different Academic Levels

The good math tuition centres in Singapore also offer specialised programmes for different academic levels. For example, some tuition centres offer programmes for primary school students, while others offer programmes for secondary and junior college levels.

These specialised programmes are designed to cater to the specific needs of students at different academic levels. For example, primary school programmes may focus on building a strong foundation in math concepts, while secondary school programmes may focus on more advanced topics such as calculus and statistics.

In addition to specialised programmes, the good math tuition centres in Singapore also offer a range of other services such as individualised attention, small class sizes, and customised lesson plans. These services can greatly benefit your child’s education and help them achieve their full potential in math. At Odyssey Math Tuition, we offer all of the above and even free e-learning videos to ensure your child has the opportunity to do self learning (which is fun!) to achieve his or her academic goals. Of course, students must have the discipline to benefit from the free e-learning math videos.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Are you wondering if enrolling your child in a Math tuition centre is worth it? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that many students have achieved remarkable improvements in their grades after attending Math tuition classes in Singapore. Ultimately, it takes two hands to clap. If the students are willing to put in the effort, they can improve in their math. Scroll down for some success stories and testimonials from our past and current students.

Celebrating Student Achievements and Grade Improvements

At Odyssey Math Tuition, students have seen significant improvements in their grades. One student went from failing to scoring an A2 in just a few months. Another student who was struggling with Math managed to improve his grades from a F9 to a C5. As we have mentioned earlier, having a good teacher to help the students is only 1 of the factor. The other key factor lies in the students effort as well. Mr Justin Tan provides personalized attention to each student, helping them to identify their weaknesses and work on them. With a focus on practice, students are given ample opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills to solve Math problems, leading to a better understanding of the subject.

Odyssey Math Tuition has also helped many students achieve success in Math. One student who was struggling with Math (F9) for years managed to score an A2 in her N-levels after attending the centre’s classes. Odyssey Math uses a variety of teaching methods to help students understand Math concepts better. From visual aids to real-life examples, Mr Justin Tan makes Math fun and engaging for students.

In addition to these success stories, Odyssey Math Tuition received glowing reviews (real reviews!) from parents and students alike. Parents have praised the centre for their dedication, personalized attention, and effective teaching methods. Students have also appreciated the friendly and supportive environment, which has helped them to overcome their fear of Math.

Odyssey Math Tuition has helped many students achieve remarkable improvements (remember, it takes 2 hands to clap!) in their grades. With experienced math tutor, personalized attention, and effective teaching methods, Odyssey Math Tuition has helped students overcome their fear of Math and develop a deeper understanding of the subject. So, if you’re looking to give your child an edge in Math, enrolling them in Odyssey Math tuition centre might just be the right choice for you.

1. 11 Years of Math Tutoring Experience Since 2012
(NUS Math Major, Distinction)

Math Tutor Specialist 

Mr Justin Tan

  • 11 years of coaching mathematics.
  • A1 for both A and E Math and A for H2 Mathematics.
  •  Bsc Hons (Distinction) Double Major in Applied Mathematics (Primary Major) and Economics, NUS (Graduated June 2018)
  • Author of Odyssey Math Videos
Sec 2 Math Tuition

2. Mathflix it! Enrolled students can learn G3 Math/H2 Math easily with our simplified math online videos, for free.

We have heard of parents paying a lot for online lessons. Here, our online math lessons are complimentary for our enrolled students. For real.

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Hours of Development, Specially Curated For Our Math Students
Topical Videos and Practice Questions For G3 Additional Math
Topical Videos and Practice Questions For G3 Elementary Math
Topical Videos For H2 Math
  • Our Math Online Videos and Notes (class lessons) go hand in hand together so that students can learn better and efficiently.

  • Lagging behind in school on your math concepts? Our specially curated math videos are designed to help you self-learn easily, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Students joining our math tuition at a later time will find our math videos particularly useful.

First chapter of every level is provided as a sample for your viewing on our math e-learning portal.



First chapter of every level is provided as a sample for your viewing on our math e-learning portal.



sec 2 math

1) Secondary 3,4,5 Additional Mathematics (monthly access)

sec 2 math

2) Secondary 3,4,5 Additional Mathematics (yearly access)

sec 2 math

3) Secondary 3,4,5 Elementary Mathematics (monthly access)

sec 2 math

4) Secondary 3,4,5 Elementary Mathematics (yearly access)

sec 2 math

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3. No Large Class Size
(6 to 8 students max)

With 6 to 8 students (capped at 8) per class, we ensure that all our students get the necessary help in mathematics.

Don't Just Listen To Us. Here Are Our Students' Reviews.

Mr Tan is very dedicated in teaching A and E Math. I am able to ask questions related to mathematics and will be able to get a reply asap. Notes and questions provided are scaled to the student's personal standards. My understanding of Additional and Elementary Math has made a lot of improvements under his teaching by being able to cope better with this subject.
Mr Tan is a very approachable, friendly and patient tutor. His teachings are easily understandable, clear and helpful. Whenever i face problems or have difficulties, he will be there to guide me and ensure that i fully understand my doubts before continuing. The math questions he provided are unique and helpful in allowing me to understand the concepts better. His math tuition has allowed me to understand mathematics better.
Beyvlen Koh
In Mr Tan's math tuition, he go through his math lessons with a lot of details. I enjoyed the way he explain questions, especially when he use several methods to explain the solutions. He will provide alternative solutions for us to understand the questions better. The questions he provided allow me to have a good grasp of the math concepts. The pace of his explanation allows me to understand better. Thank you Mr Tan!
Yun Tian Yi
Mr Tan is very knowledgeable in mathematics and he is very efficient in teaching his students. Even though i only spent a few sessions with him just before my O level, i have already learnt what i needed to learn based on the syllabus. I get to clarify my doubts and misconceptions in mathematics with him and he is able to answer me quickly. I would highly recommend everyone to try out his math tuition.
Algernon Quek
The math questions provided are well thought-out and it is up to the standard for average students. After practicing the questions, Mr Tan will explain every questions patiently and make sure i understand not just the solutions but also the process of tackling the questions. He is always willing to answer any inquiries. Thank you so much Mr Tan!
Teo Yi Hao
Mr Tan's lessons were very productive and he will always put in the extra effort to teach us after the lesson which he is not oblige to do so. He would stay after the lessons to answer our queries and go through the math questions that we asked. His explanations are clear and simple. At the end of the explanation, he made me felt like the questions were actually quite easy to tackle. Thanks a lot Mr Tan and i appreciate your passion in teaching mathematics!
Beyvlen Koh
Before going for Mr Tan's math tuition, i had a lot of doubts about the sessions. After going for his sessions, it was the best decision ever made. He is a really nice teacher who is patient in teaching. From my point of view, he teaches really well and his explanation is clear and concise. I could feel that our improvement in math grades will be his greatest achievement. He always does his best in teaching and make sure that we understand the concepts better. I would recommend students to join his lessons.
Muhammad Kabir
Mr Tan is a very approachable math tutor. He knows how to teach in a very unique way that helps us students understand the topic better. His sessions are always very engaging which also allows me to understand the topic better. This also allows me to tackle math questions efficiently. I would recommend students to join Mr Tan's math sessions. Mr Tan knows not only how to guide students, he knows how to rationalize our thought process. I am thankful that i came for his classes! Thank you Mr Tan!
Muhammad Harris

Mr Tan is a committed math tutor and author of Odyssey Math videos dedicated to providing the best Math Tuition to students in Singapore so that they can do better in Mathematics. With resources ranging from complimentary online videos to dedicated support for his students, as long as students are studying either Secondary or JC Level Mathematics, students will be able to learn better in Odyssey Math.

A hard worker during school, Mr Tan does not believe that weaker students are not able to perform well in Mathematics. Through his course of study in Mathematics, he has learnt tips and tricks on how to understand Mathematics better. It is all about learning in another perspective. With his generosity, he will be able to impart knowledge quickly to his students through simplified explanations. Even students who failed or did not do well for Mathematics were able to catch up and understand Math well after attending his classes. So long as the students work hard and follow our guidance, doing well for Math is possible. Mr Tan believes in hard work more than being a talented student.

Odyssey Math Tuition is created by Mr Tan aim at providing the highest quality math tuition in Singapore at the most affordable prices. Our mission is to provide students with the best resources as well as dedicated support to help them excel in mathematics



We believe that every student is capable of excelling in math with the right guidance and resources. In Odyssey Math, we pride ourselves in connecting with our students and taking care of them. Improving in Math is possible with our help.


We understand students’ frustrations when they are unable to enjoy math lessons resulting in bad grades. In Odyssey Math, we aspire to make math lessons fun and enjoyable. We engage in math quizzes and rewards to make learning fun!


Being a tutor is about helping students in their academic but at the same time to connect with them, inspire them and guide them through life in the right direction. In Odyssey Math, we take pride in being tutors as well as mentors.

Sec 2 Math Tuition


In Odyssey Math, we ensure that class size is kept small so that students can receive equal attention. Moreover, we answer our students’ math queries online. That’s our real commitment to our students.


With free online math lessons, we ensure our students that if they follow our guidance as well as make full use of our customized math resources (online and physical materials), they will surely do well for Math.

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