sec 2 math

6) H2 Mathematics (yearly access)

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Course Description

In this h2 mathematics course, you will be learning

  1. Basic Properties of Vectors
  2. Scalar and Vector Products in Vectors
  3. Equation of lines and planes
  4. Three Dimensional Geometry
  5. Functions
  6. Graphs and Transformations
  7. Equations and Inequalities
  8. Sequence and Series
  9. Complex Number expressed in cartesian form
  10. Complex Number expressed in polar form
  11. Differentiation
  12. Application of Differentiation
  13. Maclaurin Series
  14. Integration Techniques
  15. Application of Integration
  16. Differential Equations
  17. Permutations and Combinations
  18. Probability
  19. Discrete Random Variables
  20. Binomial Distribution
  21. Normal Distribution
  22. Sampling
  23. Hypothesis Testing
  24. Correlation and Linear Regression

Course Content

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