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Unleashing the Power of Math in Today’s Dynamic World

Mathematics is required for numerous industries, from science and technology to engineering and finance. A strong grasp of math concepts is paramount for students to excel academically and flourish in their careers.

Meet Odyssey Math : Singapore’s Premier Math Tuition

Odyssey Math, founded by Mr Justin Tan, is on a mission to deliver top-notch math tuition in Singapore, providing unwavering support to students at an affordable rates.

About Principle Math Tutor Mr Justin Tan

Mr Justin Tan embarked on his math tuition journey in 2012 to fund his university education at the National University of Singapore. With a decade of experience under his belt, Mr. Tan boasts a deep understanding of the math syllabus and has pinpointed common reasons behind students’ struggles. His approach in teaching math is to make math fun and easy to understand and at the same time, encourage his students to do well and reward them when they do.

The Magic of Math Videos and Hand Written Summary Notes

Over the years, Mr Tan understands that students have the tendency to forget math concepts. Hence, he has personally created online math videos for students to watch on his website anytime, anywhere for free. In addition to math videos, he provides his hand written math summary notes for students to use for quick revision. With all these resources that he has dedicated his time to create for his students, he ensures that his students will gain an advantage when it comes to learning mathematics.

Empowering Singapore Secondary School and Junior College Students

Math tuition is particularly important for secondary school and junior college students as they grapple with advanced math concepts. Odyssey Math provides top-notch math tuition to Secondary and JC students in Singapore by providing them with the best math resources.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Child’s Math Potential with Odyssey Math

Parents in Singapore are encouraged to consider Odyssey Math for their children’s math tuition needs. With our unwavering dedication, we aim to provide the best math learning experiences for our students and give them the necessary support and guidance.

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