Secondary 1 Math in Singapore

How to Help Your Kids Excel in Secondary 1 Math in Singapore

Secondary 1 marks a pivotal milestone for Singaporean students, where they moved on from primary school math and embark their journey on secondary school math. It is important to check in with your child from time to time on how he/she is coping with secondary math. One thing is for certain, they will have to start mastering algebra in secondary math.

Provide conducive environment for your child

Parents hold the power to nurture their child’s math learning at home. By providing a conducive learning environment for your child, it is the first step for them to study not just math subject but other subjects that they are taking. A good environment goes a long way for your child to excel not just in math but other subjects as well.

Harnessing Math Resources for Effective Learning

In addition to school practices, it might be a good idea to buy math assessment books for additional practice. Certain math assessment books come with both the theory portion as well as the practice portion. 

Positive Reinforcement Goes a Long Way

Sometimes, encouragement and rewards goes a long way in helping students to do well not just in mathematics but also other subjects. Yes, based on my experiences teaching countless students, students hope to find a mentor/tutor that understands their problem through their lens. When the mentor/tutor is able to understand them and at the same time encourage them when they fail and reward them when they succeed, it really helps in their learning in the long term. 

Learning from Common Mistakes

You might not know the secondary math syllabus well but sometimes, it is good to ask your child why is he/she not doing well for math. One thing I have learnt is to point out the common mistakes students made and to reinforce it to them repeatedly so that they never make such a mistake again or minimize the chances of making the same mistake in exams.

Sending Your Child to Math Tuition

In Odyssey Math, we do not just teach. We do our best to not just instill confidence in students but encourage them not to give up and reward them when they do well. If they fail, we help them identify the root of the problem and motivate them to do better next time. There will always be ups and downs in life and in the case of tests and exams, sometimes it just happens that they did not do well. Here in Odyssey Math, we pride ourselves in never giving up on our students.

In Conclusion: Unlocking the Potential of Secondary 1 Math

Helping your child excel in Secondary 1 math in Singapore is crucial as it lays the foundation for secondary math. This is especially true when they take on additional mathematics in secondary 3. Knowing the basics is very important as math is built layer upon layer. It is important to provide a good environment, right resources and most importantly encouraging them to give their best.


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