Elementary Math in Singapore

How to Help Your Kids Excel in Elementary Math in Singapore

Elementary Math, is it difficult?

Elementary Mathematics built on math concepts learnt in the previous years in secondary school. E Math is not difficult if students consistently revise the concepts they have learnt and practice more questions. When it comes to E Math, the most important thing that students need is intuition. This can be trained and taught to students. I will repeat this again, when it comes to E Math, practice, practice and practice. The thing about E Math is that the exams can test you questions on concepts that you have learnt in sec 1 and sec 2. By practicing more questions, you are essentially revising old concepts that were taught in lower secondary level. 

Elementary Math Syllabus

Elementary Math syllabus (Upper Secondary) includes topics like Numbers and their operations, Functions and graphs, Equations and Inequalities, Set Language and Notation, Matrices, Congruence and Similarity, Properties of Circles, Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry, Mensuration, Coordinate geometry, Vectors in two dimensions, Data handling and analysis and Probability. Mastering these concepts usually requires good understanding of concepts taught in lower secondary math.

Challenges of Elementary Math

Based on my experiences teaching students taking E Math, students struggle when they do not have a good understanding of concepts taught in lower secondary math. Either that or they have actually forgotten the concepts they have learnt in lower secondary math. The challenge is for them to quickly recap the concepts taught in lower secondary math so that they can have an easier time learning upper secondary math. 

Check In With Your Child From Time to Time

Make sure your child is coping well with Elementary Math. Ask your child if he/she is able to understand the concepts taught in school. If your child is unable to understand the concepts taught in school and the pace is too fast, it might be a good idea to send your child to Math tuition. 

The Right Guidance, Support and Resources For Your Child

Here In Odyssey Math, we provide the necessary guidance, support and vast amount of resources for your child to do well for Elementary Math. Odyssey Math has over 800 + math videos and practice questions personally recorded by me. You can be assured that if your child falls behind during school lessons or even during math tuition, he/she is able to watch and recap our online math videos anytime, anywhere. Our lessons are structured in a way such that students can understand math easily. For E Math, we teach students tricks to remember certain formula and tap on their intuition when it comes to learning. Our main objective is to ensure that students understand our classes as much as possible. 


Studying Elementary Math in Singapore is more about consistency and having enough practice. With the right support and resources, it is possible for students to do well. In Odyssey Math, we always instill confidence in our students through encouragement so that they can achieve academic success.

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